Mattel Spearheads 5G Revolution in Mauritania

Mauritanian telecom company Mattel, in collaboration with Huawei, has initiated 5G tests in the country. This development aligns with Mattel’s global strategy to introduce very high-speed connectivity. The tests were showcased during a ceremony celebrating Mauritania’s 63rd independence anniversary, highlighting the country’s technological advancements.

Experiencing 5G Capabilities

The ceremony allowed guests to experience 5G’s potential, with demonstrations reaching speeds of about 2 Gb/s. Mattel showcased various 5G applications, including in education, health, and the port industry, featuring innovative tools like Smart Glasses and VR headsets.

Strategy and Investment in High-Speed Connectivity

Mattel’s focus on high-speed technology and service quality improvement is a part of its broader development strategy. This includes significant investment in 5G-ready infrastructure, supporting Mauritania’s digital transition efforts.

Readying for Commercial Deployment

This pilot phase is crucial for Mattel to ensure technical readiness for commercial ultra-broadband deployment in Mauritania. It aims to meet the increasing demand for high-speed internet and strengthen its position in the competitive market, challenging other operators like Mauritel and Chinguitel.

Impact on Digital Transformation

Mattel’s 5G initiative is poised to revolutionize connectivity in Mauritania, offering vast potential for digital advancements across various sectors. This technological leap marks a significant milestone for the nation’s digital landscape, promising enhanced connectivity and fostering digital inclusion.

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