Huawei’s role in accelerating Morocco’s digital transition

At the inaugural International E-Health Forum in Rabat, Huawei made a strong commitment to advance Morocco’s digital transition, particularly in the healthcare sector. The event, held at the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, saw key industry players and government officials discussing innovative digital health strategies.

Commitment to Digital Transformation

David Li, Huawei Morocco’s General Manager, emphasized the company’s mission to support Morocco’s unique digital transformation journey, especially in healthcare. He highlighted the multifaceted value of digitalization in improving governance, healthcare, education, and economic growth.

Social and Economic Impact of Digital Applications

Li focused on how digital applications can enhance governance and citizen well-being. He stressed the economic benefits of IT investments, fostering new industries and increasing output, and described digitalization as a necessary transition for countries.

Collaboration in Healthcare Digitalization

Li expressed Huawei’s eagerness to partner in Morocco’s digital transition, particularly in healthcare, to drive innovation and sustainable growth.

Cybersecurity and Privacy

Youssef Ait Kaddour, Chief Cyber Security Officer at Huawei, highlighted the company’s focus on cybersecurity and privacy. He emphasized the importance of collaboration in technology, especially in healthcare.

Huawei’s Role in Morocco’s E-Health Strategy

Chakib Achour, Huawei’s Head of Marketing and Business Strategy, discussed Huawei’s role in supporting the Moroccan government’s e-Health infrastructure development. He outlined Huawei’s capabilities in providing cloud services and managing data centers.

Sharing Expertise and Developing Use-Cases

Achour highlighted Huawei’s ongoing projects and training programs in Morocco, focusing on cybersecurity and privacy governance. He also mentioned Huawei’s commitment to developing region-specific use-cases to contribute to Africa’s digital evolution.

Huawei’s involvement in Morocco’s digital transformation, particularly in healthcare, signifies a significant step towards integrating advanced technologies in key sectors. This commitment not only aligns with Morocco’s digital strategy but also demonstrates Huawei’s role as a catalyst in the digital evolution of the African continent.

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