Egypt Advances Digital Strategy with Telecom Egypt’s Regional Data Hub Expansion

Amr Talaat, Egypt’s Minister of Communications and Information Technology, witnessed the signing of a crucial contract between Telecom Egypt (TE) and Raya Information Technology. This contract marks the commencement of the second phase of TE’s ambitious Regional Data Hub (RDH) project, underscoring Egypt’s growing role in the global digital landscape.

Project Completion Timeline

Set to be operational in 18 months, the second phase responds to the increasing demand for data hub services. Mohamed Nasr of TE and Hisham Abdel Rasoul of Raya Information Technology formalized the agreement, indicating a strong partnership between these leading entities.

Success of the First Phase

The first phase of the RDH project demonstrated remarkable success, reaching full utilization within a year. This efficiency sets a high standard for the upcoming phase, which aims to further enhance Egypt’s digital infrastructure.

Scope of Services and Technological Innovations

Under the new contract, Raya Information Technology will deliver advanced technological solutions to support digital transformation. The focus will be on enhancing the RDH’s scalability and adaptability, aligning with global sustainability standards, and mitigating environmental impacts.

Achieving Global Certifications

A significant goal of this phase is to help TE obtain Uptime Tier III certificates, showcasing its commitment to service quality and flexible infrastructure.

Strategic Location and Global Connectivity

The RDH’s strategic location positions it as a regional hub with potential for future expansions. Connected to TE’s marine landing stations on the Mediterranean and Red Sea coasts, it offers businesses opportunities for global expansion.

Enhanced Capacity and Future Plans

The completion of the second phase will increase the RDH’s capacity to 7.1 megawatts. Plans include two additional phases, bringing the total capacity to 16.3 megawatts, catering to the evolving needs of the digital world.

Impact on Egypt’s Digital Strategy

This expansion is a vital step in Egypt’s digital strategy, positioning the country as a major global data center. The RDH’s first phase, launched in 2021, already serves over 22 international clients, including cloud and content providers, and hosts EG-IX, an open access Internet exchange platform.

The RDH project by Telecom Egypt, with its expansion and technological advancements, plays a pivotal role in elevating Egypt’s status in the global digital economy. This development not only enhances the country’s digital infrastructure but also offers new opportunities for businesses and enriches the user experience, contributing significantly to Egypt’s vision of becoming a key player in the digital world.

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