MERP Systems Partners with Omantel to Propel Digital Transformation in Oman

A vibrant scene showcasing a partnership between MERP Systems and Omantel. The background includes modern office buildings with Omantel and MERP logos

Kerala-based innovative technology solutions provider MERP Systems has signed an agreement with Muscat-headquartered integrated telecommunication services leader Omantel to drive digital transformation initiatives across various departments and subsidiaries.

The startup announced that it will leverage AI tools from Microsoft to propel the digital transformation of the Omani telecom giant. This strategic framework agreement aims to enhance operational efficiencies, improve customer service, and develop new digital products that meet the evolving needs of consumers and businesses in Oman.

The partnership will focus on digital innovation, utilizing AI to improve data analysis, cloud computing, and customer service, according to a media release from MERP. The initiative will convert paper and digitized documents into searchable, organized data sets, thereby enhancing information reporting and operational efficiency.

Omantel CEO, Shaikh Talal al Maamari, emphasized the company’s commitment to transforming Oman into a digitally connected economy. “Collaborating with MERP Systems and utilizing Microsoft’s AI technology will accelerate our journey towards digital excellence,” he said.

MERP Systems CEO Prem Nair highlighted the alignment of this collaboration with his company’s vision to lead through innovation. “By harnessing the capabilities of Microsoft AI, we are setting new benchmarks in technological advancement and digital services,” he stated.

Microsoft Country Head Shaikh Saif Al Hosni described the agreement as “an incredibly important milestone” for his company. He noted that the partnership will transform business and application systems at Omantel using Microsoft’s AI technology stack. “MERP Systems is a leading partner of choice to accomplish this important goal,” he added.

Omantel’s Digital Advancement

The agreement will also enhance and modernize Omantel’s human resource management system with AI, including an AI Avatar tool that interviews and ranks job candidates quickly, thus expediting employee onboarding. Additionally, the focus will be on developing an AI-enhanced digital store that recommends products tailored to customer preferences. This future store will feature dynamic avatars that allow customers to virtually try on and feel apparel.

Furthermore, the partnership will boost internet connectivity by improving Omantel’s digital network, offering faster and more advanced services to businesses and customers. It also includes programs to train local Omani professionals in advanced AI technology skills.

By combining the strengths of MERP Systems, Omantel, and Microsoft, this collaboration is poised to significantly advance Oman’s digital landscape and set new standards for technological innovation and service excellence.

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