RIDEZ Launches Comprehensive Mobile App and Safety Device for Cyclists in UAE

A vibrant scene showcasing the RIDEZ App and RIDEZ PLUS IoT device for cyclists. The image features cyclists using the app on their smartphones and th

RIDEZ, a new-age technology company, has recently launched a mobile app designed to meet all the needs of cyclists on a single platform while fostering a strong cycling community. The RIDEZ App offers numerous features, including location-based cycling shop listings, roadside assistance, cyclist insurance, rental service information, cycling track details in the UAE, and access to rider clubs and discussion forums. Additionally, users can search for cycling trainers, catering to both beginners and professionals aiming to participate in competitions and races.

“Cycling is a fun and engaging activity, but safety remains a major concern due to the risk of accidents,” said Mark Colbourne, Paralympic gold medalist and Chief Experience Officer at RIDEZ. “Our goal is to ensure that every cyclist feels secure while enjoying their ride. That’s why we’ve developed RIDEZ PLUS, an AI-powered IoT device designed specifically for rider safety.”

The RIDEZ PLUS is a compact IoT device that can be easily installed on any bicycle or e-scooter. It automatically detects accidents, falls, and collisions in real time, sending alerts to the central cloud control platform using SIM or local network connectivity. In case of an emergency, cyclists can use the SOS button on the device to trigger an alert.

“Our mission is to make cycling a safer and more enjoyable experience for everyone,” added Prashant Gandhi, CEO at RIDEZ. “With the combination of our mobile app and the RIDEZ PLUS IoT device, we are empowering cyclists to focus on what they love while ensuring their safety is never compromised.”

The launch of the RIDEZ App and RIDEZ PLUS marks a significant advancement for the cycling community in the UAE, offering unparalleled convenience, support, and safety for cyclists of all levels.

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