Liquid Intelligent Technologies Partners with Medi Telecom to Enhance Network Services in Morocco

A dynamic, modern telecommunications hub in Morocco featuring advanced network infrastructure. The scene includes sleek satellite dishes, fiber optic

Liquid Intelligent Technologies has partnered with Medi Telecom, part of the Orange Group in Morocco, to expand network coverage and enhance services for Liquid Dataport clients in the region. This collaboration allows Liquid to be the sole supplier of its comprehensive digital services in Morocco, eliminating the need for multiple supplier networks.

Through this partnership, Medi Telecom, which operates under the Orange brand, will access Liquid’s extensive connectivity network, becoming a preferred supplier capable of supporting high availability for customers.

Ahmed El Beheiry, CEO of Liquid Intelligent Technologies, commented, “This strategic partnership with Medi Telecom will provide easier connectivity access for our international customers and grant them access to Liquid’s full range of services, including our expansive pan-African fibre network, LEO/MEO/GEO satellite solutions, and Liquid C2’s innovative cloud and cybersecurity solutions.”

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