Libya and Italy Sign Agreement to Enhance Libyan Postal Services

A collaborative meeting scene between Libyan and Italian postal services representatives. The setting includes modern conference rooms, officials shaking hands

Libya’s Telecommunications Holding Company has announced an agreement between Libyan Post and its Italian counterpart to enhance postal services in Libya. The announcement followed a visit by a Libyan delegation, led by the Chairman of the Telecommunications Holding Company, to the Italian Post headquarters. The delegation included board members and the Chairman of the Board of Libyan Post.

The agreement focuses on developing postal and logistical services, digital financial services, and capacity building and training for Libyan Post personnel. During the visit, several meetings, workshops, and discussions took place, attended by the commercial and economic attaché at the Italian Embassy in Libya.

The parties also agreed to sign an executive cooperation agreement to establish joint working teams for proposing and implementing initiatives and projects related to their cooperation areas.

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