Vodafone Qatar Launches Exclusive Lucky Draw for Auto-Pay Customers

A vibrant scene depicting a happy Vodafone Qatar customer using the My Vodafone app to set up Auto-Pay. The background includes a modern retail store

Vodafone Qatar has announced that all Voice or Mobile Broadband (MBB) plan customers who sign up for Auto-Pay will be eligible for an exclusive lucky draw. This initiative follows the launch of Vodafone’s Auto-Pay payment solution at the end of last year.

Eligible customers will have the chance to win a Vodafone voucher worth QR5,000, which can be used to purchase any handsets or accessories from the company’s retail stores. Auto-Pay, which can be set up through the My Vodafone app, allows customers to have their bills paid automatically every month, offering a secure, hassle-free, and seamless payment process, eliminating the need to visit a store.

Simon O’Rourke, Consumer Business Unit director at Vodafone Qatar, said: “We continuously aim to provide customers with easy solutions, giving them instant, easy and secure access to their payment needs. These new Auto-Pay rewards are our way of saying thank you to our loyal customers, providing them with more than just convenience, but also opportunities to enjoy and benefit further from being part of the Vodafone family.”

All Voice and MBB plan customers who sign up for Auto-Pay can also enjoy a limited-time offer of 5GB extra data on every bill payment, valid for two weeks, to stay connected and explore more online.

Running until September 8, 2024, one lucky winner will be selected from the draw each month. For more information on Vodafone Qatar’s Auto-Pay payment solution, visit Vodafone Qatar Auto-Pay.

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