AWCC Launches First 4G Internet Services in Afghanistan

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Kabul: The Afghanistan Wireless Communication Company (AWCC) inaugurated its 4G internet services for the first time in Afghanistan on Thursday. The high-speed, cost-effective 4G internet services have been activated in Kabul, with plans for expansion across the country in the near future.

AWCC’s Managing Director, Amin Ramin, announced, “Today, the 4G internet services have been activated with the capability of delivering 300 MB in seconds in Kabul city, and these services will soon be expanded to all provinces.”

Najibullah Azizi, Afghanistan’s Minister of Communication and Technology, praised the launch of AWCC’s 4G internet services as a significant step for economic growth. “We have once again made an important advancement in infrastructural and service development with the activation of 4G internet services,” he stated.

4G, or the fourth generation of mobile networks, offers users faster and more reliable mobile broadband internet for devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops, compared to the previous 3G networks.

AWCC, the largest telecommunication service provider in Afghanistan, initially launched the nation’s first wireless communication services in April 2002. With the introduction of 4G, AWCC continues to lead in delivering advanced telecommunication services to the Afghan population.

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