Morocco Sees Significant Surge in Mobile Phone and Internet Usage

A vibrant scene depicting Morocco's digital transformation. The image includes people using smartphones and laptops, modern cityscapes with telecommunication

Rabat – Moroccans are enthusiastically embracing the mobile revolution, as shown by the rapid increase in mobile phone subscriptions.

A recent report by the Directorate of Financial Studies and Forecasts (DEPF) revealed that over 55.4 million Moroccans were connected via mobile phone in the first quarter of 2024, a remarkable 4.8% increase compared to the same period last year.

“The telecommunications sector is off to a strong start in 2024,” stated the DEPF report. “The mobile phone market saw a 4.8% rise in Q1, surpassing the previous year’s 3.1% growth and pushing the total number of subscribers past the 55.4 million mark.”

This trend is mirrored in the country’s mobile phone penetration rate, now at an impressive 149.7%. This indicates that, on average, there are more than enough mobile subscriptions to cover every person in Morocco.

The growth is evident, with penetration rates climbing from 144.2% in March 2023, a significant jump from 127% just two years earlier.

The mobile sector isn’t the only one flourishing. Morocco’s fixed-line phone market is also experiencing a resurgence, with a healthy 9.3% increase in Q1-2024. The internet market is keeping pace, expanding by 7.5% to reach nearly 38.3 million subscribers.

This results in an internet penetration rate of over 103.5%, a notable improvement from 97.2% in the same period last year. Even more telling is the comparison to five years ago, when only 65.6% of Moroccans had internet access.

The DEPF report also highlighted growth beyond individual subscriptions. The corporate data connections market saw a 2.1% increase, and the number of websites registered under the “.ma” domain name grew by 5%.

These figures indicate a broader shift towards digital adoption among Moroccan businesses and organizations.

The surge in mobile phone usage and overall internet connectivity points to a growing desire for a connected life in Morocco.

As the country invests further in its telecommunications infrastructure and affordability improves, this trend is likely to continue.

This digital transformation has the potential to bridge the digital divide, empower individuals and businesses, and propel Morocco towards a more connected future.

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