Yahsat Partners with SpaceX for Launch of Al Yah 4 and Al Yah 5 Satellites

A futuristic landscape showing two advanced geostationary satellites, Al Yah 4 and Al Yah 5, orbiting Earth. The scene includes the Falcon 9 rocket launch

Al Yah Satellite Communications Company (Yahsat), the UAE’s premier satellite solutions provider, has selected SpaceX to launch its next-generation geostationary satellites, Al Yah 4 (AY4) and Al Yah 5 (AY5), utilizing SpaceX’s flight-proven Falcon 9 rocket.

This agreement is a significant component of the AY4 and AY5 procurement program, with total costs expected to reach approximately AED 3.9 billion ($1.1 billion). This budget covers the spacecraft, ground segment infrastructure, launch, and insurance.

The announcement follows Yahsat’s contract with Airbus to design and build AY4 and AY5 based on the Eurostar Neo platform. This contract is part of an AED 18.7 billion ($5.1 billion) mandate awarded to Yahsat by the UAE Government in Q3 2023. The mandate includes the provision of satellite communications capacity and managed services for 17 years, primarily on AY4 and AY5.

Ali Al Hashemi, Group Chief Executive Officer of Yahsat, stated: “We are proud to collaborate with SpaceX on the upcoming Falcon 9 launches of our Al Yah 4 and Al Yah 5 satellites. With the successful completion of the launch contracts with SpaceX and the recently announced design and manufacturing contract with Airbus, Yahsat is well-positioned to pursue the final contract with the UAE Government, our anchor customer for the Al Yah 4 and Al Yah 5 program, as part of the largest mandate we have ever received from the UAE Government.”

Both satellites will provide secure governmental communications across a broad geographical area, including the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Asia. AY4 and AY5 are expected to replace the older Al Yah 1 and Al Yah 2 satellites, which were launched in 2011 and 2012, respectively.

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