A modern and dynamic scene illustrating cloud security trends and challenges. The setting includes digital cloud symbols, cybersecurity elements like

Fortinet Releases 2024 Cloud Security Report Highlighting Key Trends and Challenges

Fortinet’s 2024 Cloud Security Report reveals key trends and challenges in cloud security, emphasizing the importance of protecting cloud environments as Saudi Arabia advances its digital transformation. The report highlights global adoption of hybrid and multi-cloud strategies and identifies security, compliance, and resource limitations as primary challenges.

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A dynamic conference scene showcasing the E3 Customer Experience Conference in Riyadh. The setting includes a modern conference hall with digital display

E3 Customer Experience Conference to Launch in Riyadh, Focusing on Innovation and Customer Satisfaction

The fourth E3 Customer Experience Conference, organized by the National Customer Experience Academy (NCXA), will be held in Riyadh on July 9-10. The event will explore the latest trends and technologies in customer experience, featuring a hackathon and workshops, aligning with Saudi Vision 2030’s goals to enhance customer satisfaction and innovation.

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