Orange Jordan Supports Jusoor Labs’ Educational Initiatives

Orange Jordan’s CSR programs emphasize sustainability and long-term impact, evident in the company’s continuous engagement with participants. Aligning with this vision, Orange Jordan sponsored the first edition of the Jusoor Labs conference, targeting schools, teachers, and e-learning partners.

Jusoor Labs, a startup from the 10th season of the BIG by Orange program, offers interactive bilingual educational content for students through virtual laboratories. These labs provide a simulated traditional lab experience, enhancing students’ skills through discovery-based learning.

The inaugural Jusoor Labs conference aimed to thank schools benefiting from its services and complement the traditional educational experience. During the event, Jusoor Labs announced the launch of their new mobile application.

Orange Jordan highlighted the importance of maintaining contact with startups throughout their digital journey, ensuring effective outcomes at the community and national levels. The company noted that the achievements of entrepreneurs indicate the success of Orange Jordan’s programs, setting an example for young people and fostering better communities.

Tawfiq Al-Qaffaf, Co-founder of Jusoor Labs, expressed gratitude to Orange Jordan for its continuous support, which helps entrepreneurs meet community needs and maintain strong relationships with partners and consumers. He emphasized that the conference and the launch of the new mobile app demonstrate the potential for business growth and the importance of transforming insights from partners into actionable steps to enhance discovery-based education.

Jusoor Labs serves around 30,000 users and over 30 private schools through 200 laboratories and 3D content for scientific experiments compatible with any Arab science curriculum. The virtual labs are accessible to all students, including those with disabilities. The company plans to introduce AI Speech Recognition and Teacher Audio Explanation in Arabic soon.

Jusoor Labs won second place in the Orange Social Venture Prize (OSVP) and participated in the VivaTech conference in France through the BIG by Orange program. The company aims to increase its market value to €100 million, double its users to 10 million, collaborate with 15,000 educational institutions, expand to 500 laboratories, and extend its presence to 10 MENA countries over the next five years.

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