Saudi Arabia to Highlight AI-Driven Smart City Advances at Barcelona Expo

Barcelona Skyline

In a significant stride towards urban innovation, Saudi Arabia is set to present its advancements in crafting intelligent urban environments at the prominent Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. The Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA) will represent the Kingdom, demonstrating the pivotal role artificial intelligence plays in enhancing the nation’s smart city landscape.

From November 7th to 9th, attendees at the Congress will witness firsthand the Kingdom’s accomplishments in AI, with the SDAIA taking the stage to illustrate its proficiency and projects that are transforming the urban experience. Essam Al-Wagait, Director of the National Information Center, will highlight SDAIA’s efforts to leverage state-of-the-art technology to elevate the quality of life for residents across Saudi cities.

As a testament to its influential role as a global event partner, SDAIA is poised to exhibit its alignment with the United Nations’ sustainable development goals, underscoring the initiatives that resonate with the progressive Saudi Vision 2030.

The authority will take this opportunity to introduce its transformative digital initiatives, including its national smart city platforms Sawaher and Baseer. These platforms represent a quantum leap in Saudi Arabia’s digital transformation journey, driving the nation towards a more connected and sustainable urban future.

The Congress will also serve as a stage for engaging discussions on the transformative power of AI in urban settings. Yasser Al-Onaizan, Deputy CEO of the National Center for Artificial Intelligence at SDAIA, is set to participate alongside an ensemble of industry trailblazers. Among them are renowned figures such as Christina Yan Zhang, CEO of the Metaverse Institute, Patricia Molina of TECNALIA, Microsoft’s Public Sector Government CTO Greg Wilson, and NVIDIA’s Charbel Aoun.

A particularly anticipated session, “Smart Governance Responding to Citizen’s Needs,” will feature Sattam Al-Subaie, CEO of the Smart City Excellence Center at SDAIA. The session promises to delve into the nexus between smart governance and the evolving demands of citizens, highlighting the Saudi commitment to responsive and innovative urban management.

In another key discussion focused on the evolution of urban living, experts will stress the significance of constructing ecosystems that are attuned to the diverse necessities and ambitions of urban dwellers, pointing towards a future where cities are not just smart but also inclusive and citizen-centric.

The Smart City Expo World Congress stands as a monumental forum for urban innovation, drawing over 25,000 experts from 140 countries across various sectors. Saudi Arabia’s participation underscores its burgeoning status as a frontrunner in employing AI for smart city development, marking another milestone in its journey towards achieving the ambitious Saudi Vision 2030.

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