Jazz and UNDP Empower Women Entrepreneurs in Pakistan

Jazz, Pakistan’s leading digital operator, in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), has embarked on an ambitious initiative to empower 413 women social entrepreneurs across 12 cities in Pakistan. The “Women Initiative in Social Entrepreneurship (WISE)” program is designed to impart essential business knowledge and skills, fostering sustainable social enterprises led by women.

WISE Program: An Interactive Learning Experience

Jehangir Ashraf from UNDP Pakistan emphasizes that WISE aims to create a supportive learning environment over four days, focusing on foundational business elements. The program aspires to promote women-led social innovation in Pakistan.

Participant Perspectives

Laraib, a WISE participant and business owner, lauds the efforts of Jazz and UNDP in offering transformative capacity-building opportunities. She notes that such initiatives are pivotal in women’s empowerment, offering a comprehensive approach that includes education, vocational training, and entrepreneurship opportunities.

Jazz’s Commitment to CSR

Fahad Rehman, head of sustainability and CSR at Jazz, highlights the company’s dedication to promoting women empowerment through various initiatives. These include educational programs, vocational training, and fostering entrepreneurship opportunities for women. Jazz also engages in awareness campaigns and gender equality advocacy, strengthening its CSR efforts.

Strengthening the Startup Ecosystem

In 2020, Jazz and UNDP launched SDG Bootcamps to boost social innovation and entrepreneurship among Pakistani youth. These bootcamps have engaged hundreds of participants, including women entrepreneurs, and have addressed crucial issues like climate action and digital transformation.

CEO’s Vision for WISE

Aamir Ibrahim, CEO of Jazz, asserts that WISE aims to create financial and digital inclusion opportunities for Pakistani women and youth. He envisions that women-led businesses in WISE will tackle unique challenges and innovate solutions benefiting their communities and beyond.

UNDP’s Vision for Digital Equality

Samuel Rizk, UNDP’s Resident Representative to Pakistan, stresses the importance of gender equality and empowerment in Pakistan’s digital space. He underscores the necessity of integrating technology knowledge and innovative entrepreneurship into this ecosystem to positively impact development indicators like inclusion and gender equality.

The joint venture of Jazz and UNDP in empowering women entrepreneurs in Pakistan through the WISE program marks a significant step towards fostering gender equality and economic development in the country. By equipping women with the necessary skills and knowledge, this initiative not only promotes women’s economic empowerment but also contributes to the broader societal advancement and sustainable development of Pakistan.

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