Liquid Dataport and VIPNET Partnership: Boosting Connectivity in West Africa

Liquid Dataport, a subsidiary of Liquid Intelligent Technologies, has announced a significant partnership with VIPNET, an Ivory Coast-based Internet Service Provider (ISP). This collaboration is set to enhance Liquid Dataport’s network and service capabilities in West Africa, a key growth market for the company.

Expanding Internet Access and Services

With a current internet penetration rate of 45.4% in Ivory Coast, Liquid Dataport aims to improve internet accessibility and offer cost-effective, reliable, and secure connectivity solutions. This initiative is crucial for the technological advancement of the country.

Strengthening Regional ICT Hub

David Eurin, Managing Director of Liquid Dataport, emphasized Côte d’Ivoire’s importance as an ICT hub in West Africa. The partnership with VIPNET will improve regional connectivity and bolster enterprise capabilities through expanded services. VIPNET, led by General Director Ahmed CHERIF, anticipates this partnership will reinforce its role as a technological center in the sub-region, providing greater bandwidth and a diverse range of ICT products and services.

Leveraging Liquid’s Global Network

VIPNET will greatly benefit from access to Liquid’s extensive global network, allowing it to connect anywhere in Africa and offering its customers advanced Software-Defined Networking (SDN) solutions.

Commitment to Digital Inclusion

This expansion into Ivory Coast underscores Liquid Dataport’s dedication to increasing its footprint and ensuring wholesale customers access to a consistent network across Africa. This move aligns with Liquid’s vision of a digitally connected continent, aiming to leave no part of Africa behind in the digital transformation journey.

The partnership between Liquid Dataport and VIPNET marks a significant step in enhancing digital connectivity and service availability in West Africa. It represents a concerted effort to meet the rising demand for connectivity services in the region, fostering economic growth and digital inclusivity.

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