Abu Dhabi Launches AI71: A Trailblazer in Decentralized Data Control

Abu Dhabi’s Advanced Technology Research Council (ATRC) has announced the launch of AI71, a new AI company set to revolutionize data control for companies and nations. AI71, leveraging the Falcon generative AI models developed by the Technology Innovation Institute (TII), offers unparalleled AI data control options, enhancing privacy for entities opting for self-hosting.

Pioneering Generative AI Models

AI71 is founded on TII’s Falcon 7B, 40B, and 180B large language models (LLMs). Under ATRC’s VentureOne, AI71 will penetrate various sectors, starting with medical, educational, and legal domains. Its unique advantage lies in accessing vast anonymized data across these sectors, supported by the UAE’s advanced digital infrastructure.

Strategic Positioning in Global AI Market

The UAE’s agile governance structure positions AI71 advantageously in the global AI market, bypassing traditional regulatory delays. This enables AI71 to leverage responsible AI advancements and foster international collaborations.

Decentralized Data Ownership

A key differentiator for AI71 is its focus on decentralized data ownership, which allows clients to maintain control over their data. This approach is set to redefine standards in privacy and security, particularly for entities where data sovereignty is paramount.

Democratizing AI Technology

AI71’s philosophy is grounded in making AI technology widely accessible, promoting a pro-innovation, inclusive approach. This aligns with Abu Dhabi’s vision to deepen its credentials as a leading AI hub and advance the UAE’s knowledge economy.

Statements from ATRC Leadership

Faisal Al Bannai, Secretary-General of ATRC, emphasized the UAE’s collaborative spirit and AI71’s role in empowering entities with data autonomy. He also highlighted the commitment to open sourcing Falcon AI models, democratizing data resources for societal benefit.

Focus on Medical, Educational, and Legal Sectors

AI71’s initial focus will be on transforming medical diagnostics and decision-making processes. Additionally, the educational and legal sectors will witness significant benefits from AI integration, leading to innovative solutions for societal development.

The establishment of AI71 by the ATRC marks a significant milestone in Abu Dhabi’s journey towards becoming a global leader in AI technology and data control. By offering decentralized data ownership and leveraging advanced AI models, AI71 is poised to make substantial contributions to various sectors while upholding data privacy and security. This initiative not only showcases Abu Dhabi’s commitment to technological advancement but also sets a new standard for AI implementation globally.

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