Computer Literacy in Sri Lanka Rises to 39% in 2023: DCS Report

A vibrant scene showcasing computer literacy in Sri Lanka, featuring people of various ages using computers and digital devices in urban and rural set

The Department of Census and Statistics (DCS) has reported that computer literacy in Sri Lanka has increased to 39% in 2023.

In its latest release on computer and digital literacy, the DCS revealed that the country’s Computer Literacy Rate stands at 39.0%, while the Digital Literacy Rate is at 63.5%. Additionally, 20.2% of households own either a desktop or laptop computer, with higher literacy rates observed in the urban sector for both computer and digital skills.

Specifically, 20.2% of households across the country have at least one computer, meaning one in every five households owns either a desktop or a laptop. In urban areas, this figure rises to 34.0%, while the rural and estate sectors report ownership rates of 18.1%.

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