Tunisia Announces Tender for 5G Network Licenses

A futuristic cityscape of Tunis, Tunisia, showcasing advanced digital technology and infrastructure. The scene includes modern buildings with digital

The Ministry of Communication Technologies has announced a call for tenders to award licenses for the installation and operation of a public telecommunications network in Tunisia, aiming to provide fifth-generation (5G) mobile telecommunications services. This initiative is part of the State’s strategy for the digital development of the national territory, aimed at upgrading the digital infrastructure and expanding broadband coverage nationwide.

In a press release on Sunday, the ministry invited interested operators to submit their bids to the central registry of the Ministry of Communication Technologies by September 2, 2024. The opening of bids will be a public event, with a general session dedicated to the public opening of envelopes containing the administrative, financial, technical, and economic files on September 2, 2024. All bidders will be invited to attend this session.

Currently, Tunisia has three public mobile telecommunications network operators (2G, 3G, 4G): Tunisie Télécom, Ooredoo Tunisie, and Orange Tunisie. Additionally, there are two mobile virtual network operators and several internet service providers such as Orange Tunisie Internet, GlobalNet, Hexabyte, Bee, Nety, Next Step, Topnet, and the Tunisian Internet Agency (ATI).

As of February 29, 2024, the total number of mobile phone subscribers in Tunisia stands at 16,258,517, with a penetration rate of 136.5%. The number of mobile internet subscribers is 11,583,616, with a penetration rate of 97.2%, according to the Ministry (National Telecommunications Authority).

To support the rollout of 5G mobile communications services, the Prime Ministry has established a special committee at the Ministry of Communication Technologies. This committee is responsible for devising the preparatory stages for the provision of 5G services in Tunisia.

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