Tunisia Hosts BIGTECH 2024 to Foster Innovation and Digital Transformation

A bustling event at the Kram Exhibition Centre in Tunis, Tunisia, showcasing a modern, high-tech environment. The scene includes futuristic booths, di

BIGTECH, the International Artificial Intelligence, Technologies, and Startups event, was inaugurated on Wednesday at the Kram Exhibition Centre, with the participation of around 1,000 startups and companies in the digital and innovation sectors.

Running until June 29, the event aims to position Tunisia as a technology hub in Africa by facilitating discussions on the latest technological developments in artificial intelligence (AI) and the digital transition in Tunisia and Africa, according to a statement from the Ministry of Communication Technologies.

BIGTECH serves as a platform that unites various stakeholders in the digital field, including startups, experts, and support structures, to stimulate innovation, accelerate technological progress, and foster creativity. It also provides a space for exchanging ideas in digital fields such as AI, IoT, and other modern digital technologies, emphasized Minister of Communication Technologies Nizar Ben Neji.

Minister Ben Neji highlighted the government’s commitment to supporting entrepreneurship, strengthening the innovation and creativity ecosystem, and encouraging the creation of businesses and startups as drivers of wealth creation and growth. The event aims to accelerate the digital transformation of society through several measures and national programs, including the digitalization of administration, simplification of administrative procedures for businesses, and facilitation of innovative project creation.

Key programs include investments in digital infrastructure, such as expanding the fiber optic network, launching 5G services, improving sectoral networks like the National Integrated Administration Network (RNIA), developing a national strategy for cloud computing, implementing a labeling system for cloud computing services, and fostering a conducive environment for AI, IoT, and big data.

Additionally, the projects focus on creating a broader entrepreneurial ecosystem by developing telecentres, technology hubs, and incubators to support and mentor startups and entrepreneurs.

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