Algeria Partners with Algérie Télécom to Connect Primary Schools to High-Speed Internet

A modern classroom in Algeria with primary school students using computers connected to high-speed internet. The scene includes teachers assisting students

Digital transformation is advancing rapidly across Africa, and to fully embrace this progress, the continent must improve internet coverage and equip the population with digital skills. In line with this vision, the Algerian Ministry of Interior, Local Authorities, and Territory Planning has signed a partnership agreement with the public company Algérie Télécom. Announced on Thursday, July 4, this collaboration aims to connect all primary schools in Algeria with high-speed internet and fixed-line telephone services, prioritizing schools in low-income municipalities.

This initiative supports the Algerian government’s efforts to develop an “information society” by enhancing infrastructure, telecommunications resources, and the widespread use of ICT across all economic sectors. In May, President Abdelmadjid Tebboune directed the implementation of measures to improve the quality and coverage of internet services nationwide.

The partnership is expected to create a more efficient educational environment across Algeria. It will enable primary school students and teachers to access online educational resources, conduct research, learn, and communicate more effectively, while also introducing digital skills to children at an early age.

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