Weego: Revolutionizing Urban Mobility in Morocco and Beyond

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In 2019, two tech entrepreneurs, a Moroccan and a Senegalese, began a mission to track informal buses in Dakar, Senegal, aiming to estimate their arrival times and develop a solution for this pervasive issue. This project later relocated to Morocco, leading to the creation of Weego.

Weego is an e-mobility solution developed by a Moroccan startup that enables users to navigate cities by selecting the optimal mode of transportation. Founded in 2020 by Saâd Jittou and Mor Niane and based in Casablanca, Weego aims to enhance public transport use and reduce travel time to under thirty minutes.

“The solution ensures that at least one virtual station is within two minutes of users’ homes, assigns them a bus and a driver, and designates a station where the minibus will pick them up. No human intervention is required,” explains Saâd Jittou.

Available on both iOS and Android, the Weego app has over 10,000 downloads on the PlayStore. After downloading the app, users create an account to access various services. “WeegoMaas” is the basic service offering ride-hailing options, carpooling, buses, or trams depending on the city.

Weego integrates several e-mobility applications available in different regions, including Heetch, Pip Pip Yalah, Train, and Tramway. The startup also offers “WeegoLines,” a service that helps companies reduce their employees’ commute times and lateness. Employees can use the app to track company shuttles in real-time, knowing arrival times and any delays.

Since its launch, Weego has facilitated over 100,000 corporate shuttle trips, significantly reducing lateness and absenteeism and lowering transport costs by 30% for employees. Weego also offers “WeegoPro” for users with a fleet of vehicles, with “WeegoSchool” slated for future release. The app includes a digital wallet that can be recharged via bank cards.

Weego’s innovative solutions are transforming urban mobility in Morocco and beyond, making public transportation more efficient and accessible.

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