A vibrant scene depicting a modern technology showroom in Jordan. The showroom is designed to be accessible for people with disabilities, featuring di

Orange Jordan Launches Digital Inclusion Catalogue for Persons with Disabilities

Orange Jordan has launched a digital inclusion catalogue on Global Accessibility Awareness Day, part of its “Differently Abled, Definitely Enabled” initiative. The catalogue provides a comprehensive guide to services and privileges for persons with disabilities, including sign language translation and text-to-voice features, aiming to enhance digital inclusion and accessibility.

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A vibrant, collaborative tech workspace with diverse professionals working together on AI and language model development. The setting includes a mix o

Bridging the AI Language Gap: Veon and Partners Develop Tools for Under-Represented Languages

Veon, Beeline Kazakhstan, the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, and the GSMA are collaborating to bridge the “AI language gap” for under-represented languages. They aim to develop tools and documentation for languages spoken in countries like Pakistan, Ukraine, and Bangladesh, addressing the limited resources that hinder AI model performance and inclusivity.

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A vibrant high-tech conference in Marrakech, Morocco, featuring a modern conference hall filled with international delegates and speakers, digital screen

GITEX Africa 2024: Bridging the Gap Between Technological Advancement and Cybersecurity

GITEX Africa 2024, held in Marrakech from May 29-31, will gather global experts to address Africa’s cybersecurity challenges amid its digital revolution. Key figures like Ghita Mezzour and Mohamed Al Kuwaiti will discuss strategies to enhance digital security and foster international collaboration, ensuring a secure future for the continent’s digital growth.

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A high-tech satellite communication device in an outdoor setting, showcasing advanced technology and rugged design. The device is sleek and modern,

Thuraya Unveils Next-Generation Satellite Communication Product: IP NEO

Thuraya Telecommunications Company, a subsidiary of Yahsat, has launched IP NEO, a next-generation satellite communication product. Developed with Cobham Satcom, IP NEO offers advanced voice and data capabilities, tailored to diverse industry needs. Officially unveiling at Critical Comms World Dubai, the product highlights Thuraya’s commitment to technological advancement in satellite communications.

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