DALL·E 20A modern telecommunications scene showing advanced fiber optic cables being installed in an urban setting, with technicians working on high-tech infra

du Partners with STL for Advanced Optical Fibre Cables to Boost UAE’s Network Infrastructure

UAE telecommunications company du has partnered with STL, an optical and digital solutions provider, to expand fibre-dense mobile and FTTH networks. This collaboration will enhance network performance and deployment efficiency. The UAE continues to lead globally in FTTH penetration, achieving a 99.3% rate, according to the latest FTTH Council report.

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A high-tech conference setting showcasing industry leaders discussing advancements in 5G-Advanced technology. The background features a futuristic city

Global ICT Leaders Highlight 5G-Advanced Potential at Dubai Forum

The 5G-Advanced Leaders’ Forum in Dubai highlighted the transformative potential of 5G-Advanced (5G-A) technology. Industry leaders discussed the enhancements in network efficiency, coverage, and performance, and emphasized its role in driving digital innovation across sectors. The UAE announced plans for nationwide 5G-A deployment, reinforcing its commitment to technological advancement.

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