A modern technological landscape format image showcasing a high-tech AI development environment. The scene includes a futuristic laboratory or office

AIx Introduces Groundbreaking AIx GPT Language Model, Pioneering Advanced AI Capabilities in Oman

AIx, a subsidiary of Emaar Groups in Oman, has launched AIx GPT, the country’s first advanced large language model. This AI innovation delivers rapid response capabilities and operates efficiently on consumer hardware, significantly advancing Oman’s digital transformation and enhancing various industries from healthcare to public services.

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A modern educational setting in landscape format, showcasing a collaborative meeting between Google for Education and Tech Valley Pakistan.

Google for Education and Tech Valley Partner to Enhance Learning Opportunities in Pakistan

Google for Education and Tech Valley Pakistan met with Minister Shaza Fatima Khawaja to discuss enhancing education for out-of-school children in Pakistan. They explored deploying educational tools and Chromebooks to bridge learning gaps, emphasizing public-private partnerships to transform Pakistan into a knowledge export hub and improve educational outcomes.

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A landscape format image of a modern digital training workshop focused on empowering women entrepreneurs. The scene features a diverse group of women

Dialog Axiata’s Techliya Programme Empowers Women Entrepreneurs with Digital Skills in Sri Lanka

Dialog Axiata’s Techliya programme, part of Ideamart for Women, concluded successfully, empowering Sri Lankan women entrepreneurs by enhancing their digital skills. The initiative provided resources, mentoring, and tools for business digitalisation, financial technology, and international expansion, highlighting the importance of ongoing support in the SME sector’s digital transformation.

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