A futuristic research lab scene showcasing advanced AI and technology, with scientists working on computers and advanced equipment. The setting is mod

TII Unveils Falcon 2: Advanced Multimodal AI Models with Open-Source Access

The Technology Innovation Institute (TII) has launched Falcon 2, featuring Falcon 2 11B and Falcon 2 11B VLM models. These efficient, multilingual, and multimodal AI models surpass competitors and are open-source, providing developers with advanced tools for various applications. TII plans to further enhance these models with advanced machine learning capabilities.

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A modern business meeting setting showcasing representatives from Fils and Arab Financial Services (AFS) signing a partnership agreement. The backdrop

Fils Partners with AFS to Drive Sustainable Practices and Climate Action in MENA

Fils, a UAE-based digital infrastructure provider, has teamed up with Arab Financial Services (AFS) to promote sustainable practices and climate action across the Middle East and North Africa. This partnership leverages Fils’ fintech technology and AFS’s digital payments expertise to integrate sustainability into business operations, financial transactions, and customer journeys.

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A modern exhibition booth at a business conference, showcasing advanced warehouse automation technologies like autonomous robots and AI-driven software

Savoye to Showcase Cutting-Edge Automation and AI Solutions at Seamless Middle East 2024

Savoye will showcase its advanced automation and AI solutions at Seamless Middle East 2024. Highlights include Autonomous Case-Handling Robots (ACR) and upgraded ODATiO software to enhance warehouse operations. The event underscores the Middle East’s investment in cutting-edge technologies, driving significant growth in the region’s logistics and supply chain sector.

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DALA futuristic business exhibition showcasing autonomous delivery robots and an AI-driven robotic pick-and-place platform in a modern convention center

Yango to Showcase Cutting-Edge Business Optimization Solutions at Seamless 2024 in Dubai

Yango will showcase its advanced business process optimization solutions at Seamless 2024 in Dubai. Highlights include autonomous last-mile delivery robots, an AI-driven robotic pick-and-place platform, and comprehensive tech solutions for e-grocery businesses. These innovations aim to enhance operational efficiency and provide a competitive edge for Middle East businesses.

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