A high-tech digital landscape featuring advanced AI technology with Arabic script and symbols integrated. The scene includes futuristic cityscape element

Core42 and Microsoft Azure Launch JAIS 30B Chat: Advanced Arabic AI Model

Core42 and Microsoft Azure have launched JAIS 30B Chat, an advanced Arabic AI model. This collaboration aims to enhance AI accessibility for 422 million Arabic speakers, providing transformative solutions across industries. JAIS 30B Chat excels in cross-lingual conversations, content generation, and reasoning, fostering innovation and improving service delivery globally.

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A high-tech satellite communication hub with advanced infrastructure, including large satellite dishes and antennas, set against the backdrop of a vibrant

Arabsat Partners with ST Engineering iDirect to Expand Satellite Connectivity in Middle East, Africa, and Asia

Arabsat is partnering with ST Engineering iDirect to integrate cloud technologies into its gateway infrastructure, expanding satellite connectivity in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. This initiative will enhance Arabsat’s coverage, provide vital managed services, and support Saudi Arabia’s broader space investment and efforts to deliver satellite internet to underserved regions.

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A modern cityscape of Oman with postal delivery vehicles and drivers in the foreground. The scene includes well-organized roads, advanced delivery van

TRA Launches Public Consultation on Last-Mile Delivery Regulations in Oman

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has launched a public consultation to gather feedback on draft regulations for last-mile delivery services in Oman. This initiative aims to improve postal services, enhance e-commerce, and integrate postal operations with the broader transport sector through the Ministry’s Naql platform. Submissions close on June 3.

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A high-tech office environment featuring AI avatars interacting with employees in various roles such as customer service, HR, and data analysis. The s

Shaffra Launches AI Trainer to Revolutionize Workforces in the Middle East

Shaffra, a deep tech company in the Middle East, has launched its AI Trainer, utilizing Large Action Models (LAM) technology. This AI solution personalizes avatars for tasks like customer service and data analysis, enhancing productivity across sectors. Supported by significant investments, Shaffra aims to revolutionize workforces and drive economic growth in the region.

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