DALL·E 2A modern digital payment scene depicting a user in Lebanon using a smartphone to access a digital payment app, interacting with a virtual Visa card.

Wink Pay Partners with Visa and Codebase Technologies to Launch Lebanon’s First Instant Virtual Card Issuance Service

Wink Pay, in collaboration with Visa and Codebase Technologies, has launched Lebanon’s first service for instant issuance of Visa prepaid virtual cards. This innovative solution facilitates secure, transparent payments and digital financial inclusion, targeting over 5 million Lebanese, particularly benefiting those without traditional bank accounts.

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Zain publishes 13th annual sustainability report, titled “A Pathway to Value Creation”

Zain Group releases its 13th annual sustainability report titled “A Pathway to Value Creation,” highlighting efforts to address social, economic, and environmental challenges through its connectivity services. The report outlines Zain’s alignment with global sustainability standards and its initiatives across climate change, responsible operations, inclusion, and youth engagement.

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