Cyber First Kuwait Conference Unveils Strategies for Securing Kuwait’s Digital Future

A high-tech conference setting with a focus on cybersecurity. The scene includes a large stage with digital screens displaying cybersecurity visuals,

Under the patronage of the National Cyber Security Center (NCSC), the Cyber First Kuwait Conference explored Kuwait’s cybersecurity landscape, unveiling strategies to safeguard the country’s digital future in alignment with the New Kuwait Vision 2035 for digital transformation. The conference gathered cybersecurity experts, including leaders in information security, risk, compliance, forensics, and cyber law, aiming to foster collaboration across public and private sectors against the threats posed by malicious cyber attacks.

In her keynote speech, Taiba Al-Qabandi, Vice President for Governance and Risk Management at NCSC, emphasized the critical role of cybersecurity in the modern era, noting that cyber threats now target not only individuals but also institutions and entire countries. She stressed the National Cyber Security Center’s commitment to cooperating with local and international stakeholders to create a secure digital environment. This collaboration aims to promote development, prosperity, and the digital economy while maintaining the trust of operators and investors in information and communication technology.

Al-Qabandi highlighted the importance of the event as a platform for exchanging and sharing best technological practices, staying abreast of the latest developments to enhance the security and protection of the digital environment against rapidly evolving cyber threats. The conference featured panel discussions and keynote presentations on various topics, including aligning Kuwait’s National Cybersecurity Strategy with Vision 2035, navigating cybersecurity in the era of AI, and securing critical infrastructure.

The Cyber First Kuwait awards recognized leaders, innovators, solution providers, and influencers in cybersecurity. In response to escalating cyber threats, the Kuwaiti government has instituted the National Cyber Security Strategy, prioritizing cybersecurity at the forefront of its national agenda.

The collaborative efforts between the Kuwaiti government and the private sector to enhance cybersecurity maturity are yielding significant results. The introduction of the National Cybersecurity Strategy complements the private sector’s increased investment in cybersecurity measures. Projections for 2024 estimate that Kuwait’s cybersecurity market will generate an impressive revenue of approximately $2.405 million.

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