BMCCI and Bangladesh Government Explore Technological Collaboration with Malaysia

DAA high-level business meeting scene between representatives from Bangladesh and Malaysia, highlighting technological collaboration. The setting included

The Board of Directors of the Bangladesh-Malaysia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BMCCI), led by President Shabbir A Khan, met with Zunaid Ahmed Palak, State Minister for the Ministry of Post, Telecommunication, and Information Technology, to discuss potential technological collaborations and investment opportunities between Bangladesh and Malaysia.

During the meeting, President Shabbir briefed Minister Palak on BMCCI’s recent visit to Malaysia, where they engaged in dialogues with prominent figures, including the CEO and senior officials of the Malaysia Digital Economic Corporation (MDEC). The discussions emphasized the importance of a mutually beneficial partnership in technology transfer and skill development.

The BMCCI delegation also participated in the prestigious SEMICON SOUTHEAST ASIA 2024 exhibition, engaging with leading industrial personalities and technical experts in the Malaysian semiconductor industry. Additionally, they visited the Malaysian Institute of Microelectronic Systems (MIMOS) to explore their R&D capabilities and skill development programs. The delegation recognized the potential for joint training programs, knowledge-sharing platforms, and collaborative projects to enhance the semiconductor ecosystem in both countries.

President Shabbir highlighted that developing a robust semiconductor ecosystem is crucial for achieving Bangladesh’s “Smart Bangladesh” vision. He noted Bangladesh’s strengths in upstream design and engineering and Malaysia’s capabilities in downstream manufacturing and packaging.

Minister Palak commended BMCCI’s efforts to bridge the technological potential between Bangladesh and Malaysia. He expressed his support for shared investment growth and emphasized the need to attract Malaysian investors to Bangladesh. The Minister assured BMCCI of his ministry’s full support in developing Bangladesh’s semiconductor ecosystem and expressed interest in exploring joint training programs, research collaborations, and knowledge-sharing initiatives.

Minister Palak announced plans to establish a “Bangladesh IT Connect Portal-Malaysia” to facilitate direct communication between businesses and investors, promoting investment opportunities and strengthening technological collaboration. The portal will serve as a comprehensive resource for investors, providing information on investment policies, tax incentives, and available infrastructure in Bangladesh. It will also enable seamless networking between Bangladeshi and Malaysian companies.

BMCCI will act as the Bangladesh Contact Point for the portal, playing a pivotal role in fostering technological collaboration and investment. The chamber pledged its full support in developing and promoting the IT Connect Portal and committed to leveraging its extensive network to ensure the portal’s success and drive active engagement between the business communities of both countries.

President Shabbir assured Minister Palak that BMCCI will work closely with relevant government agencies to provide necessary assistance in establishing and maintaining the portal as a robust platform for accelerating technological cooperation and investment flows between Bangladesh and Malaysia.

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