Fortinet Releases 2024 Cloud Security Report Highlighting Key Trends and Challenges

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Fortinet, a global cybersecurity leader, has published its 2024 Cloud Security Report, offering crucial insights into the trends shaping cloud security. The report addresses the challenges organizations face in protecting complex cloud environments and provides a comprehensive analysis of security solutions and strategies to safeguard data and systems.

“As Saudi Arabia advances toward digital transformation and increasingly adopts cloud computing to achieve Vision 2030 goals, securing these cloud environments is paramount and a top priority for organizations in the region,” stated Sami Alshwairakh, Senior Director for Saudi Arabia at Fortinet.

The report highlights the key challenges and best practices that Saudi businesses must address to ensure the security and compliance of their cloud-based operations. Based on a survey of 927 cybersecurity professionals worldwide, the report offers valuable guidance for Saudi organizations aiming to adopt cloud computing technologies safely and efficiently.

Fortinet emphasized its commitment to supporting Saudi Arabia’s digital transformation by providing advanced security solutions that protect cloud environments and enhance cybersecurity capabilities. The report reveals that 78 percent of organizations globally are adopting hybrid and multi-cloud strategies, integrating multi-deployment operations into a single operational environment to benefit from various cloud services’ flexibility, control, and advantages.

According to the report, 43 percent of organizations prefer hybrid infrastructure, combining public and private cloud platforms. Meanwhile, 35 percent are adopting a multi-cloud strategy, leveraging the strengths of different cloud service providers for various use cases. These trends align with the Saudi government’s focus on supporting cloud computing adoption and diversifying cloud service providers, contributing to the Kingdom’s digital transformation across all sectors.

Security and compliance issues are the primary barriers to faster adoption of multi-cloud strategies, cited by 59 percent of respondents. Additionally, 49 percent of participants recognize that resource limitations, including staff expertise and budget constraints, pose significant hurdles to the success of cloud initiatives.

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