Ice Warp Announces Major Investment in Pakistan’s Tech Sector with New Data Warehouse

A high-tech data center in a landscape format, depicting the new investment by Ice Warp in Karachi, Pakistan. The scene showcases a modern and secure

In a significant move, European software company Ice Warp has unveiled a multimillion-dollar investment to bolster Pakistan’s technology sector. This venture includes a partnership with Pakistani software firm HexaLys to establish a state-of-the-art data warehouse in Karachi. This initiative marks Ice Warp’s entry into the Pakistani market, enhancing its presence in South Asia following the launch of data centers in India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh.

During a press conference in Karachi, representatives from both companies committed to starting operations in Pakistan promptly. The new data warehouse will allow Pakistani corporate customers to securely store their data, including email communications, domestically—enhancing data sovereignty and privacy.

Syed Saad Ali, CEO of HexaLys, highlighted that this collaboration would offer local companies access to advanced data services at competitive prices, challenging global providers like Google and Microsoft. Additionally, the partnership is poised to cut substantial foreign exchange costs by offering affordable data center solutions customized for Pakistani businesses.

The project also introduces advanced corporate email solutions, equipping hundreds of Pakistani companies with the latest technology to drive digital transformation and innovation across various sectors.

Looking forward, HexaLys and Ice Warp plan to extend their data center operations to major markets such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE, underscoring their ambitious expansion strategy in the region.

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