Egypt Advances Call Center Operations with AI-Powered Quality Assurance Tool

Amr Talaat, Egypt’s Minister of Communications and Information Technology, presided over the signing of a pivotal agreement between the ministry and Xceed, an Egyptian information systems company. The partnership, established on Monday, aims to develop an AI-driven quality assurance automation application designed to revolutionize call center operations.

Minister Talaat expressed optimism about the initiative, noting that the integration of advanced AI technologies will enhance call center efficiency and reinforce Egypt’s status as a leader in the global outsourcing market. Nasr from Telecom Egypt highlighted AI’s critical role in the future of technology services, emphasizing Xceed’s commitment to modernizing call centers to align with international advancements.

Tantawy detailed the application’s functionality, explaining that it will perform detailed analyses of customer service calls to identify issues like policy violations or service deficiencies in real-time. This will enable supervisors to promptly address problems, thereby enhancing customer service quality.

Moustapha, representing Xceed, shared his excitement about the collaboration, affirming the company’s dedication to using its expertise in AI and call center operations to set new industry standards. This project marks a significant step in Egypt’s efforts to optimize technology applications in communications and customer service.

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