Ericsson Partners with Umniah to Enhance 3G and 4G Networks in Jordan

A modern telecommunications infrastructure scene in landscape format, depicting engineers and technicians working on a cellular tower equipped with ad

Ericsson has entered into a memorandum of understanding with Jordanian telecommunications company Umniah to enhance its 3G and 4G networks across major cities in Jordan. This collaboration involves the deployment of Ericsson Radio System products, which are designed for flexible upgrades to meet evolving network demands.

As part of this expansion, Umniah will utilize an additional 10 MHz of spectrum—5 MHz newly acquired and 5 MHz repurposed from its existing 3G network—to increase the capacity and extend the reach of its 4G network. This upgrade will enable Umniah to support increased data traffic and extend 4G services to previously uncovered areas.

Umniah CEO Faisal Qamhiyah expressed that the enhanced spectrum and infrastructure would significantly boost network capacity and coverage, thereby improving the overall user experience for customers.

This agreement marks the second collaboration between Umniah and Ericsson in 2024, following an earlier deal in February where Umniah adopted Ericsson’s Cognitive Software AI solutions to optimize network performance in critical areas.

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