Yango to Showcase Cutting-Edge Business Optimization Solutions at Seamless 2024 in Dubai

DALA futuristic business exhibition showcasing autonomous delivery robots and an AI-driven robotic pick-and-place platform in a modern convention center

Yango, a global tech company, will present its latest business process optimization solutions at Seamless 2024 in Dubai. The event will highlight autonomous last-mile delivery robots, a comprehensive tech stack for e-grocery businesses, and the debut of Yango’s robotic pick-and-place platform and other warehouse automation solutions, all designed to enhance operational efficiency for Middle East businesses.

Autonomous Delivery Robots

Yango’s autonomous delivery robots, introduced regionally earlier this year, offer significant advantages for businesses by automating routine processes and executing deliveries in restricted areas. These robots navigate quickly, reduce delivery times, and ensure secure package delivery in various weather conditions and terrains. They support sustainable operations with clean energy, aligning with the GCC’s environmental sustainability goals. Managed through an admin panel with live delivery updates, these robots will be showcased at Seamless Middle East 2024, demonstrating their fleet management capabilities.

“We are excited to present our autonomous delivery robots at Seamless Middle East 2024. We believe that our delivery solutions have the potential to transform the industry and serve the diverse needs of businesses and consumers in the GCC region. At the moment, we are actively seeking partnerships to bring our products to the vibrant cities of the Middle East,” said Nikita Gavrilov, Regional Head of Autonomous Delivery Solutions, Middle East, Yango.

AI-Driven Robotic Pick-and-Place Platform

Yango will also debut its AI-driven robotic pick-and-place platform, designed to improve warehouse efficiency and reduce rising fulfillment costs. Leveraging computer vision, the platform enables stationary robots to operate with human-like capabilities, accurately navigating warehouse environments and making optimal real-time decisions.

Visitors can experience Yango’s new AI-powered technologies for retail business expansion. The company’s booth will feature the White Label App for order placement, a Warehouse Management System, and Last Mile Solution tracking. Additionally, the AI Shelf Monitoring System and a demo store with a smart camera system providing real-time analytics will be showcased, demonstrating Yango’s innovative approach to enhancing retail and logistics operations.

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