Global ICT Leaders Highlight 5G-Advanced Potential at Dubai Forum

A high-tech conference setting showcasing industry leaders discussing advancements in 5G-Advanced technology. The background features a futuristic city

With over 300 commercial 5G networks deployed globally, the transition from 5G to 5G-Advanced (5G-A) is set to revolutionize network capabilities and user experiences, according to industry leaders at the 5G-Advanced Leaders’ Forum in Dubai, UAE.

The 5G-A Leaders’ Forum, held at the Samena Leaders’ Summit, explored the significant enhancements that 5G-A will bring in terms of network efficiency, coverage, and performance. Unlike its predecessor, 5G-A will integrate advanced artificial intelligence, improve network flexibility, and enable complex use cases, from smart cities to advanced industrial applications.

Key Discussions and Announcements

Event Highlights:

  • The forum featured high-profile speakers and guests, including regulatory authorities, industry groups like GSMA and WBBA, ICT solution providers, and ecosystem partners.
  • Key speakers included Eng Saif Bin Ghelaita (TDRA), Jawad J. Abbassi (GSMA), Martin Creaner (WBBA), and executives from e&, du, and Huawei.
  • Eng Saif Bin Ghelaita announced the UAE’s plans for a nationwide 5G-A network, emphasizing the importance of spectrum allocation for mobile network advancement.

Major Announcements:

  • The UAE launched its 5G-A initiative, reinforcing its commitment to ICT infrastructure and technological development.
  • Industry representatives introduced the “Middle East Glasses-free 3D Industry Initiative,” leveraging 5G and AI to enhance user experience with glasses-free 3D technology.

Future Prospects

Technological Advancements:

  • 5G-A, the next generation of 5G network evolution, is set to be standardized with 3GPP Release 18, expected to be finalized in June.
  • The first year of 5G-A commercial use is anticipated to be 2024, marking a significant milestone in network evolution.

Panel Discussions:

  • A panel titled “Ecosystem and Business Development in 5G-A Era” included speakers like Dr. Sherif Ragaei Sherif (Omantel), Dangqi Cheng (MEIG), Wei Bo (Laipic), and Danial Mausoof (Nokia).
  • Discussions focused on the commercial process of 5G-A and its potential to drive digital innovation and intelligence across the Middle East.

The 5G-A Leaders’ Forum underscored the transformative impact of 5G-Advanced, positioning it as a catalyst for innovative digital solutions across various sectors. The forum highlighted the UAE’s proactive steps towards deploying 5G-A and fostering a technology-driven future.

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