Ooredoo Announces Strategic Partnerships with Nutanix and Netcracker to Enhance Services

A high-tech environment showcasing a hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure with digital connectivity, featuring Qatar Airways aircraft and Ooredoo branding

Qatari telecommunications company Ooredoo has made two significant service-related announcements. One involves a partnership with Nutanix, a leader in hybrid multi-cloud computing, to enhance Qatar Airways’ operations. The other is with digital transformation specialist Netcracker Technology to improve Ooredoo’s CRM capabilities.

In collaboration with Qatar Airways and Nutanix, Ooredoo will develop a cutting-edge hybrid multi-cloud environment. This initiative aims to bolster the airline’s customer experience and business performance by leveraging the Nutanix Cloud Platform. This platform offers a consistent cloud operating model, enabling seamless application management and data handling across data centers, edges, and public clouds. The scalability of Nutanix Cloud Platform will allow Qatar Airways to adjust resources in real-time, ensuring optimal performance during peak periods and cost savings during slower times.

Additionally, Ooredoo Qatar has announced the extension of its long-term partnership with Netcracker Technology. This collaboration will utilize Netcracker’s managed services for Ooredoo’s revenue management and CRM solutions, supporting both B2C and B2B customers across various services, including ICT, IoT, and cloud. The partnership will also expand into other industries such as fintech and entertainment.

By partnering with Netcracker, Ooredoo aims to focus on empowering its customers by delivering an elevated experience with simplified journeys and touchpoints. This strategic move will enable Ooredoo to enhance its service offerings and support its goals of innovation and customer satisfaction.

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