Abu Dhabi International Book Fair Goes Cashless with Innovative Digital Payment System

A modern book fair setting in a landscape format. The scene showcases a busy and vibrant book fair with visitors interacting with digital payment device

ABU DHABI, 2nd May, 2024 (WAM) — Aligning with the UAE’s vision for digital transformation, the 33rd Abu Dhabi International Book Fair (ADIBF 2024) has launched a pioneering digital payment system, a first in the Arab world. This system enables a cashless environment at the fair, which will conclude on 5th May.

Designed specifically for ADIBF, the system connects directly to various banking networks and supports payments through credit cards, Apple Pay, and other digital methods. Devices installed throughout the exhibition halls facilitate these transactions. For cash-carrying visitors, a unique feature allows them to deposit cash into a device and receive a pre-loaded card to use at any sales point within the fair.

This digital approach not only minimizes sales discrepancies and cash-handling errors but also enhances the efficiency of transaction processing for exhibitors. It provides exhibitors, especially international ones with large inventories, the ability to manage sales data for over 250,000 titles, ensuring daily proceeds are banked with comprehensive sales reports.

For publishers without access to bank accounts or those facing banking challenges, a dedicated financial centre at the fair offers the flexibility to collect sales revenue in cash daily or after a predetermined period.

Additionally, an AI-powered system has been implemented to monitor and report on crowd movement and congestion within the fair. This system helps in mapping visitor distribution and preferences, facilitating better management of the event space and improving the visitor experience. It also provides insights into sales trends, helping identify best-selling titles and tailoring future offerings to meet visitor interests.

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