Yotta Data Services Announces New Supercloud Data Center in Nepal in Partnership with BLC Holding

A futuristic data center in a landscape format, illustrating the new supercloud facility in Nepal. The image features a large, modern building with sl

Yotta Data Services has partnered with Nepal’s BLC Holding Pvt., a key player in manufacturing and services, to establish a supercloud data center near Kathmandu, Nepal. This venture marks Yotta’s first foray into the Nepalese market and is part of its strategy to tap into the growing digital service demands in the Indian subcontinent.

The new facility, covering 60,000 square feet with a capacity of up to 4MW critical IT load, will be built to Tier III standards, making it one of Nepal’s largest and its first supercloud data center. Designed with a modular approach to ensure high uptime, reliability, scalability, and flexibility, it aims to serve enterprises and hyperscale customers looking to expand in the region.

Sunil Gupta, co-founder and CEO of Yotta Data Services, emphasized the synergy between Yotta’s data center management expertise and BLC’s strong local presence. This collaboration aims to deliver cutting-edge technology solutions, facilitate business growth, and ensure regulatory compliance for their clients.

Key features of the data center include advanced data security, indigenous hyperscale cloud offerings, comprehensive cybersecurity, integration with managed IT services, and round-the-clock customer support. The data center will also adhere to stringent environmental and energy efficiency standards set by ISO 14000 and ISO 50000, and prioritize data privacy and security as dictated by ISO 27000, PCI-DSS, and SOC2/3 standards.

Megha Chaudhary, Managing Director of BLC, highlighted the data center’s role in catering to global hyperscalers and AI/ML development, addressing the high availability demands of hyperscalers, enterprises, and government sectors. She also noted the partnership’s focus on fostering local participation and addressing data sovereignty concerns.

The data center, conveniently located near Tribhuvan International Airport, is expected to be operational within the next 24 months, positioning both Yotta and BLC to significantly impact the regional technology landscape.

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