Bayer and Huma Launch Innovative Heart Health Screening Tool in Saudi Arabia

A high-tech medical technology scene in landscape format, showcasing a heart health screening in a modern clinic setting in Saudi Arabia.

Bayer, a global leader in life sciences, and Huma Therapeutics Limited, a pioneering digital health company, have introduced their heart health screening tool in Saudi Arabia. This tool, the Bayer Aspirin Heart Health Risk Assessment, is the first international launch following its debut in the US in 2023. Designed to support Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, the tool aims to lessen the clinical and economic impact of cardiovascular diseases (CVD), which are leading causes of death in the country.

This digital-only tool evaluates an individual’s risk for developing CVD in the next ten years using a non-invasive algorithm developed by Huma. The algorithm, validated by the European Society of Cardiology, has demonstrated excellent predictive capabilities using data from over 500,000 individuals from the UK Biobank Dataset.

The launch aligns with Saudi Arabia’s healthcare transformation strategy under Vision 2030, which prioritizes the reduction of CVD through preventive measures. Bayer’s commitment to health aligns with their mission “Health for All, Hunger for None” and includes a partnership with the Saudi Ministry of Health to screen one million citizens at risk of CVD.

In addition to the heart health tool, Huma has also introduced a diabetes care pathway within Saudi Arabia’s Seha Virtual Hospital to enhance access to care and support Vision 2030’s goals.

Dan Vahdat, CEO of Huma, remarked on the rapid advancement of Saudi Arabia as a leader in digital-first healthcare, noting Huma’s recent regulatory clearance and ongoing support for the nation’s healthcare transformation.

Mohamed Galal, Vice President of Middle East and Pakistan at Bayer, emphasized the significant burden of cardiovascular diseases and Bayer’s dedication to enhancing life quality through digital health solutions that promote preventive care and early detection.

Maged ElShazly, Bayer’s Managing Director & Country Commercial Lead Consumer Health in Saudi Arabia, highlighted the partnership’s role in advancing digital health solutions that prioritize prevention and early detection of cardiovascular diseases.

This initiative not only supports Saudi Arabia’s health objectives but also sets a precedent for future expansions, with plans to introduce the Heart Health Risk Assessment tool to Latin America next year.

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