Al Rubaiyat Group Embarks on Digital Transformation with TRAX Group in Saudi Arabia

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TRAX Group, a leader in digital transformation, has successfully launched a comprehensive digital overhaul for Al Rubaiyat Group, Saudi Arabia’s premier luxury fashion holding company. This significant advancement includes the full-scale implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations (F&O) and Point of Sale (POS) systems. This initiative is a pivotal step towards achieving the goals set by Saudi Vision 2030 for economic diversification and technological enhancement.

Revolutionizing Luxury Retail

The collaboration aims to transform the luxury retail experience in Saudi Arabia by boosting operational efficiency and enhancing customer engagement through innovative technology.

Commitment to Excellence and Innovation

“Today signifies a transformative milestone for Al Rubaiyat Group and the broader retail sector in the Middle East,” said Eng. Ahmed Maghraby, Group CEO of TRAX Group. “Utilizing Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O and POS, we are establishing new benchmarks in service excellence and operational agility.”

Mrs. Wafaa Abbar, President and COO of Rubaiyat, commented, “This initiative is in line with our strategy to rejuvenate Rubaiyat and reinforce our status as a leading brand. We are committed to adapting to the fast-paced fashion industry and meeting the growing demands of the luxury market in Saudi Arabia, propelled by Vision 2030.”

Strategic Insights and Leadership Vision

Mr. Abdullah Binzagr, Chairman and CEO of RCITH, noted, “Our collaboration with TRAX Group is crucial in our strategic ambition to not just lead but also innovate in luxury retail and other businesses within our holding group. This aligns with Vision 2030’s objectives by integrating advanced technology to boost our competitive advantage and responsiveness in the market.”

Tim Fagan, Deputy President of Rubaiyat, added, “The deployment of Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O and POS is revolutionizing our operations and customer interactions. These tools not only increase our operational efficiency but also allow us to provide a tailored shopping experience, thereby redefining luxury retail standards.”

Technology as a Catalyst for Change

The implementation by TRAX Group provides Al Rubaiyat with an integrated retail management system that meets the digital demands of today’s market, focusing on sustainability and efficiency.

Looking to the Future

With this successful implementation, TRAX Group continues to solidify its role as a driving force for digital transformation in Saudi Arabia. “We remain committed to leading innovations that promote business success and economic growth in alignment with Saudi Vision 2030,” stated Mohamed Ismail, Managing Director of Trax Technology.

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