Bahrain Launches 13th National Robotics Competition to Foster AI and Robotics Skills

A modern educational event scene in landscape format, depicting the Bahrain National Robotics Competition. The image shows a vibrant competition hall

The 13th edition of the Bahrain National Robotics Competition commenced today in Manama, under the theme ‘Allies of the Earth’. Sponsored by His Highness Shaikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the event is a collaboration between the Ministry of Education and Britus Education. This year’s competition showcases 364 students from 118 teams across 58 schools, emphasizing robotics and artificial intelligence development among Bahraini students.

Dr. Mohammed bin Mubarak Juma, the Minister of Education, expressed gratitude to HH Shaikh Khalid for his continuous support, highlighting the competition’s role in enhancing student skills in modern scientific fields. Fatima Ahmed Kamal, CEO of Britus Education, also acknowledged the importance of the competition in preparing students for international stages and fostering a high-tech learning environment.

Participants, ranging from primary to secondary levels and including special education centers, compete in categories like ROBO MISSION and ROBO SPORT, aligning with World Robotics Olympiad standards. A new category, FUTURE INNOVATORS, encourages teams to create projects that incorporate robotics with this year’s theme.

The competition, running until May 8, 2024, will select teams to represent Bahrain at the World Robotics Olympiad in Türkiye in November, marking another step in Bahrain’s commitment to integrating technology and innovation in education.

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