Turk Telekom Advances Fiber and 5G Infrastructure Across Turkey

Turk Telekom has significantly advanced its infrastructure, reporting a total fiber network stretch of 437,000 km by the end of 2023, reaching 32.2 million households in Turkey. This expansion makes it the leading contributor to Turkey’s 562,000 km of fiber infrastructure. The company’s efforts also boosted the fiber connectivity of its LTE 4G base stations to 52 percent.

The state-owned enterprise is poised as Turkey’s most 5G-ready operator, having introduced various 5G applications including the first private industrial network, live event broadcasts, and innovative agricultural technologies. Additionally, Turk Telekom’s recent partnership with Schneider Electric aims to harness 5G for industrial automation, offering solutions in predictive maintenance, digital twin technologies, and more, aligning with their goal to meet diverse industry needs through advanced communication infrastructures.

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