Saudi Arabia Achieves 99% Internet Penetration in 2023, Enhancing Connectivity

A modern cityscape in Saudi Arabia showing diverse people using various digital devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops outdoors. The scene ill

In 2023, Saudi Arabia saw its internet penetration rate surge to 99%, indicating nearly universal access. The detailed findings from the “Internet Saudi Arabia” report by the Communications, Space, and Technology Commission underscore a broad increase in digital engagement across the population, as published by the Saudi Gazette. Notably, internet usage was high among both men (99.3%) and women (98.5%).

The analysis shows that over half of the users (52.3%) spend upwards of seven hours daily online, primarily from homes (84.7%), while in transit (72%), and at workplaces (43.4%). Internet activity peaks between 9 PM and 11 PM, especially on Fridays, with December being the busiest month.

Mobile phones are the most common device for online access (98.9%), with Android and iOS being the leading mobile operating systems. Computers and tablets follow, with Windows dominating the computer OS market.

Significant digital activities include accessing government and banking services, and a notable 63.7% of users engage in online shopping, with women participating more than men. The report also highlights the critical role of infrastructure improvements in supporting this connectivity, positioning Saudi Arabia in the top 10 globally for mobile internet speeds. Moreover, the growth in the Internet of Things (IoT) is marked by over 12 million IoT subscriptions, with internet data traffic soaring to over 42 million terabytes in 2023.

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