Wink Pay Partners with Visa and Codebase Technologies to Launch Lebanon’s First Instant Virtual Card Issuance Service

DALL·E 2A modern digital payment scene depicting a user in Lebanon using a smartphone to access a digital payment app, interacting with a virtual Visa card.

Wink Pay, a new digital payments brand in Lebanon, has teamed up with Visa and Codebase Technologies to launch an innovative service offering instant issuance of Visa prepaid virtual cards. This service, the first of its kind in Lebanon, is designed to cater to over 5 million citizens, providing them with a secure and transparent method for managing both local and international payments without requiring a traditional bank account.

Using Codebase Technologies’ advanced Digibanc platform, Wink Pay facilitates a fully-digital onboarding process, enabling users to quickly obtain a virtual prepaid Visa card. This initiative is particularly significant in the context of Lebanon’s economic challenges, which have drastically increased the number of unbanked individuals in the country.

Randa Bdeir, Founder of Wink Pay, emphasized the importance of offering a reliable financial solution that enables instantaneous access to virtual cards for seamless transactions amidst banking restrictions that have affected 55% of Lebanon’s population. The mobile application of Wink Pay not only supports instant card issuance but also enhances financial inclusion by reaching underserved communities and those in rural areas.

Mario Makary, Vice President – Levant at Visa, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting the convenience and security that the virtual cards offer. The collaboration leverages Visa’s global infrastructure to ensure safe and efficient transactions.

Tamer Al Mauge, Managing Director – MENA of Codebase Technologies, described the Wink Pay app as easy, quick, and impactful, designed specifically to meet the needs of the modern consumer with a minimalistic and user-friendly interface. The Digibanc platform’s flexibility allowed for seamless integration with Visa and other services, providing a robust foundation for Wink Pay’s offerings.

Mazen Baalbaki, Regional Sales Executive at Codebase Technologies, pointed out that the digital experience was crafted to be impactful yet straightforward, ensuring that the technology stack behind Wink Pay is both advanced and adaptable for future expansions and integrations.

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