Qetaat’s Chief Business Officer Highlights Growth Potential for E-commerce in Bahrain’s Construction Sector

A dynamic scene at a digital commerce conference with a focus on the construction sector. The setting includes a modern conference hall with panel dis

Mr. Sadeq Abdulrasool, Chief Business Officer of Qetaat—a new Bahraini B2C and B2B marketplace specializing in the development of urban sectors in Bahrain—emphasized that only 5% of construction sector supplies are currently sold online in the Kingdom.

This percentage, according to Mr. Abdulrasool, highlights the significant growth potential for e-commerce in the construction sector, as more contractors and dealers of building equipment and materials are turning to online shopping for its broader product range and competitive pricing.

Speaking at the Seamless Middle East 2024 Digital Commerce Conference held at the Dubai World Trade Center, Mr. Abdulrasool noted that e-commerce has expanded beyond the retail sector into other critical areas, including construction. Exporters and suppliers are increasingly seeking a digital presence, which has enhanced trade exchange opportunities, adding transparency and credibility to the buying and selling process. This digital shift has also provided electronic outlets for Bahraini factory products in regional markets.

Mr. Abdulrasool underscored the importance of fostering strong global interdependence to drive economic growth and success through a focus on cross-border trade. He noted that many companies in Bahrain and Gulf countries have fully embraced e-commerce, significantly facilitating trade exchanges on both regional and international levels.

He also highlighted several key strategies to support e-commerce, including the development of multilingual platforms, the implementation of unified processes, and the formation of regional partnerships to ensure effective communication and cooperation within the market. Bahrain serves as a successful model for activating innovative digital platforms and applications in this vital sector.

Mr. Abdulrasool reiterated Qetaat’s commitment to leveraging technology to connect companies across borders, simplify communication, and promote regional growth in the construction sector. This approach is expected to create numerous jobs, stimulate competition in promising sectors, and provide opportunities for businessmen and investors to contribute to economic development by investing in the e-commerce sector.

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