Swiss GRC Expands into Middle East with Launch of GRC Toolbox in Dubai

A modern office setting in Dubai Internet City, showcasing advanced technology and the GRC Toolbox interface on screens. The scene includes diverse pr

Swiss GRC, a leading provider of Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) solutions, has introduced its flagship product, the GRC Toolbox, to the Middle East. This expansion includes a new branch and operational office in Dubai Internet City, UAE, tailored to meet the region’s unique needs.

Rajeev, General Manager for MENA & APAC, expressed enthusiasm about the launch, stating, “The Middle East has a complex regulatory landscape, and we believe Swiss GRC can help entities navigate it safely. Our product offers full Arabic language support, essential for many regional clients, making it accessible and user-friendly for Arabic-speaking users.”

The GRC Toolbox features a user-friendly interface, modular options, and advanced technologies like Generative AI and advanced analytics. It supports both on-premise and cloud deployment options via a local data center. Fully available in Arabic, the GRC Toolbox offers configuration-powered customization for quick implementation. Its pricing model includes unlimited user access, allowing organizations to scale quickly.

Swiss GRC has invested in a local entity and data center in the UAE to support regional operations and ensure compliance. The GRC Toolbox offers a fully localized experience with right-to-left language support, consolidating all GRC activities and regulatory requirements specifically for the Middle East market.

Understanding the Middle East market and its complex regulatory landscape, Swiss GRC is well-positioned to serve the region effectively. The company already boasts a customer base across the Middle East, addressing unique challenges with local data residency, crucial for both government entities and the private sector.

Besfort Kuqi, Co-Founder and CEO of Swiss GRC, shared insights into the development of the GRC Toolbox. “The GRC Toolbox is a comprehensive platform designed to address various aspects of Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC). Initially, we focused on information security due to our strong background in that field. As the GRC market expanded, we incorporated additional modules to meet broader customer requirements.”

The GRC Toolbox now includes 12 integrated modules covering risk management, audit, compliance, IT risk, IT compliance, third-party risk management, business continuity management, data protection, internal audit, and internal controls. This expansion was driven by the demands of existing customers who required more comprehensive solutions.

Kuqi explained, “The foundation of GRC is risk, and this principle guided our decision-making process. Initially, we started with risk management and expanded to cover information security risk and compliance risk. As new regulations on data protection and operational resiliency emerged, additional modules became necessary.”

The GRC Toolbox offers numerous benefits to organizations in the region by enhancing governance, ensuring regulatory compliance, and managing risks effectively. Improved governance, regulatory compliance, and a comprehensive overview of organizational risks enable boards to make informed decisions proactively.

Rajeev highlighted the unique value of the GRC Toolbox, noting its flexible deployment options, including on-premises, private cloud, and public cloud. This flexibility is crucial for government and public sector organizations with stringent data hosting and security requirements.

Rajeev added, “Our product’s simplicity and ease of use ensure better adoption rates and more effective use within organizations. Clients transitioning from major GRC players to our product have praised its simplicity and ease of use, realizing benefits much sooner.”

Looking ahead to 2024, Swiss GRC plans significant investments in the MENA region, including developing and launching the complete GRC Toolbox in Arabic, training channel partners, engaging in marketing initiatives, and expanding its workforce in the Dubai office.

Besfort Kuqi said, “Our solutions are tailored to this region, and the GRC Toolbox is a testament to that, being fully in Arabic and designed specifically for MENA brands.”

Rajeev concluded, “This expansion comes at the right time. The Middle East has a complex regulatory landscape, and we believe Swiss GRC can help entities navigate it safely. Our comprehensive approach, coupled with local expertise and advanced technology, positions us well to support the region’s needs.”

The GRC Toolbox is set to play a significant role in helping organizations in the Middle East enhance governance, ensure regulatory compliance, and manage risks effectively, while supporting digital transformation efforts.

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