Mikenopa Expands into Saudi Arabia, Partnering with AstroLabs to Revolutionize Hospitality Sector

A vibrant scene depicting Mikenopa's expansion into Saudi Arabia. The setting includes modern hotels with advanced digital technology, diverse guests

Mikenopa, a global provider of guest internet and IP networking solutions for major international hotel chains, has announced its expansion into Saudi Arabia in collaboration with AstroLabs, the Gulf’s leading business expansion platform.

Renowned for promoting technology and innovation in the hospitality sector, Mikenopa delivers state-of-the-art network solutions to hotels, resorts, and business centers, including guest internet access (GIA). Leveraging industry best practices and leading technology capabilities, Mikenopa ensures its clients maintain fast internet speeds through a single, customizable network for IoT deployments.

Mikenopa’s product portfolio includes diverse software and hardware solutions that enable hoteliers to offer individualized entertainment services to their guests, enhancing satisfaction, loyalty, and business success. By integrating innovation and personalization, Mikenopa plays a key role in transforming guest engagement and supporting the digital brand visibility of hotels in Saudi Arabia, solidifying its position as an industry leader.

“Our company is thrilled to capitalize on the rapid growth of Saudi Arabia’s hospitality market,” said Milan Hanus, Business Development Director of Mikenopa. “The opportunities in the Saudi market for innovation and expansion align perfectly with our strategic objectives.”

Daniel Ruzicka, Regional Director for the Middle East and Africa at Mikenopa, added, “Proximity to our key customers in major hospitality markets is central to our strategy. Our expansion into Saudi Arabia represents a natural and strategic progression.”

Alex Nicholls, AstroLabs’ director of expansion, noted, “Rapid innovation and the proliferation of technologies are reshaping the hospitality industry in the Kingdom, which has seen exponential growth amid the country’s push to revitalize its tourism industry, an economic pillar of Vision 2030. We are thrilled about Mikenopa’s entry into Saudi Arabia, driving digital transformation in the thriving hotel sector.”

In addition to Saudi Arabia, Mikenopa has established a presence in 45 countries worldwide, with 12 regional offices. The company’s entry into Saudi Arabia marks a milestone in its global expansion, underscoring its commitment to empowering hoteliers in the Kingdom to elevate guest experiences and achieve remarkable outcomes, driving the strategic development of the Saudi hospitality industry.

With global interest in Saudi Arabia as a sought-after tourist destination at an all-time high, the country aims to raise tourism revenue to $85 billion this year, up from $66 billion in 2023, highlighting its growing status as a prime region for investments and tourism.

Leveraging its dedicated hotel experience spanning over two decades and a portfolio of 700 hotels worldwide, Mikenopa is set to bring transformative changes to the hotel industry in the Kingdom.

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