Arabsat Partners with neXat to Launch Multicontinental Managed Services

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Satellite operator Arabsat has partnered with satellite services and technology provider neXat to manage various hubs through a single application for its new multicontinental managed services offering. This service will cater to governmental, enterprise, and consumer markets across all regions where Arabsat provides coverage.

The neXat platform enhances Arabsat’s capabilities by extending the functionality of its hubs and serving as the primary orchestration tool for its operations. This platform will allow Arabsat to manage its hubs with minimal human intervention, reducing operational costs and enabling the delivery of new services.

As a virtualized platform as a service (PaaS) and operations support system-business support system (OSS-BSS), neXat will automate tasks such as customer VSAT terminal lifecycles, network monitoring and management, and billing. The platform also offers a low capex option and secure white-label access for different levels of the value chain based on hierarchical roles.

neXat will deliver a customized version of its OSS-BSS suite tailored to Arabsat’s needs. The partnership will continuously adapt to the evolving satellite industry, ensuring future integration with new virtualized hub solutions and compliance with MEF or TM Forum open standards API.

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