IBM to Open-Source AI Models and Aid Saudi Arabia in AI Training

A futuristic landscape depicting IBM's AI technology, featuring sleek servers and digital data streams, with a backdrop of the Saudi Arabian skyline.

International Business Machines (IBM) announced on Tuesday that it will release a family of artificial intelligence models as open-source software and will assist Saudi Arabia in training an AI system in Arabic.

Unlike rivals such as Microsoft, which closely guard their AI models and charge for access, IBM is taking a different approach. Similar to Meta Platforms, IBM is providing open access to its AI models. On Wednesday, IBM introduced its “Granite” family of AI models, allowing companies to customize them.

The Granite tools are designed to help software developers complete computer code more efficiently. To monetize these models, IBM offers a paid tool called Watsonx, which ensures smooth operation of the models in a data center after customization.

IBM’s strategy focuses on generating revenue when customers utilize AI models, whether they originate from IBM or other sources, and whether they operate in IBM’s data centers or not. “We believe we’re in the early days of generative AI models,” said IBM’s Chief Executive Arvind Krishna. “Competition at the end of the day is good for buyers. We also want to be safe and responsible.”

Additionally, IBM announced that the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority will use Watsonx to train its “ALLaM” Arabic language model. This collaboration will enhance IBM’s offerings with new language skills, including the ability to understand multiple Arabic dialects.

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